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The tooltip glossary plugin for wordpress by cminds

CM Tooltip

Easily Create a Glossary, Encyclopedia or Dictionary of Your Terms. CM Tooltip shows the definitions of words upon hover-over and even connects with dictionary, translate and encyclopedia feeds.
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the cm answers Question and Answer plugin for wordpress published a discussion forum on websites

CM Answers

A Powerful Questions & Answers plugin for Discussion Boards in WordPress. Ask questions and moderate visitor answers and comments with the CM Answers WP plugin.
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the cm downloads manager is used for managing downloads of files, with visitors able to preview and play media files before they download them

CM Downloads Manager

The Ultimate WordPress Plugin to Manage your Downloads. Allows visitors to preview media files before downloading, manages member permissions and uploads of files to your WP website.
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the cm ad-changer plugin Manage, Track and Report Advertising Campaigns Across Sites

CM Ad Changer

The Best WordPress Plugin to Run Ad Banner Campaigns across multiple websites. With client and server sides, our advertising management plugin controls banners on all your WP websites.
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The CM Plugins Bundle for wordpress by cminds

CM Plugins Special Bundle

Get our best WordPress plugins bundled together at a discounted price. Choose which plugins you think best suit your requirements and we will give you a special price.
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The CM Plugins Twin Bundle for wordpress by cminds

Answers/Downloads Bundle

Get the go-together plugins at a discounted price. Get CM Answers and CM Downloads to manage your Question and Answer forum for a multi-media experience.
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