Hire us for Custom WordPress plugin Development

Our team of Experts in Custom WordPress Plugin Development offers a unique service whereby we can write a WordPress plugin, completely unique and in accordance with you own custom requirements.

Why choose CreativeMinds for custom WordPress plugin development?

  • Professional Quality Work – We follow a detailed coding standards that ensure we deliver only the highest quality products and services. You can count on us for gettingĀ maintainable code that completely fulfills your requirements.
  • Expert Knowledge – Custom WordPress plugins are our specialty. We devote a lot of time, energy and resources to testingĀ our products, so we can deliver our customers with 100% bug free applications. We use WordPress custom functions and we excel in PHP / SQL / JavaScript and other related technologies like JQuery or Ajax
  • Integration with 3rd-Party Plugins– Upon request, we will integrate our custom plugins with any external 3rd party tools and services such as GoToMeeting, Vimeo, Google and many others, including popular social media platforms.
  • Fixed Price Quotes – We provide fixed price quotes so that you know exactly what your total and final development cost will be.
  • Support and Warranty – Once your plugin is completed, we will not leave you out in the dark. We believe that your success is our success and we want to make sure our customers are happy and will use our products again.
  • Feature Support Package – Add one feature to one of CM Plugins – In cases in which you want to add functionality to one of our existing WordPress Plugins. Please consult with us before purchase

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