Priority Support Options & Pricing for CM Pro Plugins

Signing up to Priority Support means that we will provide advanced technical support and even log into your site to solve problems, regardless of whether they are caused by your site theme, a conflict with another plugin, or any other issues you may have that disturb your usage of our Pro plugins.

In addition, you will be given advanced technical support upon request, from our professional customer support team. The greatest advantage of priority support is that all your questions will be replied within 24 hours, during normal business hours.

Here are the options available for Priority Support:

Theme Adjustment

Is your theme conflicting with our WordPress plugins? Purchase a support package and let our team of expert WordPress developers help you adjust and solve layout issues, conflicts and other problems caused by your theme.

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Template Adjustment

Hire us to make small adjustments to any of our WordPress plugin templates and create a unique customized look for our plugin on your site, such as changing the layout of the plugin elements, changing label coloring and more.

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Custom Feature

Custom-Add-A-Feature is a special service reserved for people who need to add new features to one of our Pro WordPress Plugins. Please consult with us first before purchasing this bundle.

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Hourly Support

Hire our expert WordPress developers on an hourly basis to develop your own unique WordPress plugin, or add new features to an existing one. We can also configure and modify plugins on your site in accordance to your needs.

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Installation Package

Need help installing our WordPress plugins? We can help! Our expert WordPress developers will install and configure any of our plugins and add-ons onto your site based on your specified requirements.

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Sounds interesting? Simply fill in a priority support package inquiry.

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