Resolving Issues and submitting Bug reports for WordPress Plugins

Have you found a bug in one of CM WordPress Plugins ?

Bugs are no fun. We’re sure you are aware of the fact that perfect, bug free software do not exist. We rely on the community of users of the CM Plugins to report bugs they’ve found, so we can fix them and improve the plugins with the next release. We constantly release new versions of the plugins which includes bug fixes and more features, based on your bug reports!

Before you file a bug report

Here are a few things to check before filing a new bug report:

  • Have you checked that your web server and WordPress meet the technical requirements ? To do this please check the Server Information tab found in the plugin settings
  • Are you running the most recent version of the Plugin software? Please review the release notes, the issue you have found may have been fixed already in a more recent release. Please download and install the last version before contacting support
  • Please check your browser console (right click on the browser page and select Inspect Element, than click on the Console tab) to make sure it does not have any js errors. If it does make sure to fix them first.
  • Please deactivate other plugins you have and activate them one by one to check if one of them has a conflict with the CM plugin. If you find a plugin which conflicts you can always use the Plugin Organizer to make sure they don’t run together
  • Replace your theme with one of WordPress default themes to see if the problem arise from a conflict with your theme. This will help in understanding the source of the problem
  • Please check each plugin specific trouble-shooting documentation for more know issues which needs to be examined before submitting a ticket

How to file a bug report / Submit a Support Ticket

Please open a support ticket using this form. This is only for users who have purchased the Pro version of our plugin. Please use the WordPress Directory support form to send us any support related requests for user that have questions about the free version of our plugins.

Open a Support Ticket
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