How To Use Our WordPress Plugins- CM Plugin Video Library

If you’re using any of CreativeMinds’ WordPress plugins, this is the place to Find all of our free and unlimited plugins tutorial videos, for a simple and easy use of all our plugins, add-ons and extensions!
Browse through the support video library to find information on specific plugin queries, or watch them all to get a general overview of what you can do with your newly purchased CM WordPress plugins.

The video tutorials bellow include support for the following WordPress plugins:

How to user our WordPress plugins- Video tutorial library

  • CM Answers Q&A discussion forum
  • CM Tooltip glossary
  • CM Ad-changer
  • CM MicroPayment virtual money platform
  • CM Downloads Manager file directory
  • And there are more to come in the future…

To Learn about other CreativeMinds plugins, add-ons, modules and extensions, follow our YouTube channel.


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